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Maximize Your Data With Website Analytics and Insights

The data you collect on your website can’t be used to its full potential without insight. Insight is what we gain through the use of web analytics, such as Google Analytics reports. Incredibly powerful, the insights extracted from your website analytics can be used to evaluate your marketing initiatives, identify areas of opportunity to grow your business, and ensure you are investing in the right channels to propel revenue growth.

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How Can You Ensure Your Web and Google Analytics Reports Are Working For You?

If you are not an analytics expert, it can be difficult understanding what to track, how to interpret the data you collect, and unlock what it means for your business. 

That’s why I’m here to help. 

My approach to web analytics and insights reporting makes it easy for you to measure, refine, and optimize your marketing efforts. I offer customized analytics reporting based on your business goals and objectives to accurately measure and track ROI. I also provide professional counsel on how to evaluate overall digital marketing initiatives, such as PPC and Paid Social. I can help you stay on track, regularly review and refine your marketing efforts, and help you achieve greater ROI from your marketing budget.

Bessy has the uncommon ability to make clients feel comfortable with complex, technical decisions in an area that’s not easy to grasp. Her logical, strategic approach demands focus on ROI, which is really quite smart. In the end, it makes us comfortable up-scaling and investing more.

Ray Gracewood

Chief Commercial Officer


The Value of Proper Web and Google Analytics Insight

Understanding and actioning the insight extracted from your web and Google Analytics reports comes with a number of benefits, including: 

  • A better understanding of how your online marketing campaigns are performing
  • Learning which campaigns are succeeding and which can be further developed
  • Reducing time and money spent on initiatives NOT driving results
  • Learning information that empowers you to invest and up-scale in the right channels to propel business growth

Web Analytics is One of the Many Valuable Trends to Leverage

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